About Us

What we do and why we do it

Help cooking fried chicken with ginger

What we do

Our aim is not have the most hosts, like international competitors.

We are building relationships. Between us, the guests, and the hosts. We believe in a sustainable business development, where growth is less important than wellbeing of all involved. We care about our hosts and see all of us as a family.

Our bookings are providing additional income to the families, but also positive exposure to tourism. We mentor the hosts in hospitality and business decisions. Dine With The Locals is registering as a company, not an NGO, because we believe that the business approach is more sustainable
and host can learn more from it.

We have a mission: bringing a real experience to visitors in South-East-Asia. We learned from travelers, that they want a real authentic experience. And this is what we offer. Khmer, Vietnamese and Laotian families will cook a meal for you. A set menu. We have few vegetarian options (but may pescetarian), depending on the host. Ask us, if you are interested.

Nue Thai picks some leaves form a tree

Why we do it

We would like to give women an opportunity to get additional income, but also to get connected to travelers from all over the world. Many women in local households are not allowed to study or get any higher education, and that makes it difficult for them to get jobs. We can not (and don’t want) to change the rules in a society, but we can give opportunities. The families create their own set menu and decide what kind of experience they can provide beside the food. We also train women and families in cost calculation and financial management.

Some advise

We really want to point out that this is not just a food booking, but an experience which is sometimes better described as “expect the un-expected”. While we do our best to make sure you will have a great time, it’s on our hosts to do their best. Sometimes a certain food is not available at the market. That’s just how it works, and this is how people here experience it every day. So please, stay open, be relaxed, deal with situations as they come, be curious … and be hungry!