Handing over a great project

Date : Nov - 20 - 2022

Dear all,

there is rarely a good time to say Goodbye. For me, the best time is when things are doing well. Dine With The Locals was founded by me, Sorida and Phy four years ago to support local families and women as well to promote Khmer food. We started very well, until Covid-19 hit. Phy and me decided to downgrade it a bit afterwards, and I kept the project alive with blog posts. After the worst was over, we tried to rebound – successfully. We are getting more bookings now.

When Covid-19 came, I had to look for another income and started a web service company. This venture is doing so well, that I don’t have the time needed to run Dine With The Locals in a way it deserves. But I wanted to keep it alive, and after some searching I found Dean and Ada. Both are experts in tourism and food and enthusiastic to take over the project. They will make it an even greater success, I am sure. 

The host families are an important part of my admiration for Cambodia. I learned so much from them, not just cooking and about Khmer food. Dine With The Locals and its families became an integral part of my life, and I will miss it for sure. But I will stay in Cambodia, just in a different venture.

I want to thank our guests, business partners, hotels, guesthouses, travel agents, guides and drivers and all others who supported us. My Co-Founder Phy and my assistant Mealea supported me in a way I never imagined, and I will be forever grateful for the help.

We explain our hosts about Covid-19 in Cambodia

We explain our hosts about Covid-19 in Cambodia

I wish Dean and Ada all the best and good luck, I think Dine With The Locals is in the best hands now and can grow even more. Thanks again. For any further questions please contact – as usual – by mail feedme@dinewiththelocals.com or by phone + 855 96 9713950.

Thanks again for everything.

Thomas Wanhoff, Co-Founder