Cook and explore Hanoi with Thanh

Destination : Hanoi,

About the host

Thanh is a Vietnamese woman living in the heart of Hanoi, not far from the Hoàn Kiếm Lake in a local surrounding. She calls herself a green ambassador dreaming of raising awareness about environmental protection & sustainable tourism. She and her team take you around their neighborhood and to one of the Vietnamese homes there, where you cook and eat together.

The Menu

Chinese braised pork

Vietnamese cuisine is influenced but chinese food, and the braised pork is a perfect example how Vietnam gave those dishes a special twist.

Morning glory stir fried with garlic

A simple yet healthy vegetable. Get a lot of vitamins and anti-oxidants from this popular vegetable

Green papaya salad

An asian classic, and still every country (and region) has it’s own version. In Vietnam. it is less spicy, with more sugar added.

Local desert

Tapioca, eaten with sugar syrup

The experience

You will have an unforgettable time to create long lasting memories with Thanh and her Team. The average tourist will never see this, even tour agencies don have this specific knowledge.

You can book a knife-making experience as an add-on. Thanh and her team will take you to a traditional knife maker (transport included). Here  you learn how to make the knifes made for everyday life in a local shop. You can even take the knife home then.


Price: $35/px adults, $20/px kids up to 10 years

Knifemaking in Hanoi

Knifemaking in Hanoi