Ms Sokvy – Cooking in the rice fields of Siem Reap

Destination : Siem Reap,

About the host

Ms. Sokvy is a mother of two boys living and a housewife, living at the outskirts of Siem Reap. Her house is located close to the rice fields, she and her neighbors grow vegetables in their garden. Ms. Sokvy is a full time house wife with years of experience in preparing Khmer traditional food. Her husband is a tuk tuk driver (and will take care of your transport as well).

The Menu

Expect homemade Khmer food as families prepare it every day at their homes.

Fried Morning glory
This vegetable is found in many Khmer backyards and is used as a main dish when fried with garlic and oyster sauce.

Mango salad with dried fish
Fresh mangos grated together with cucumbers and tomatoes. Dried fish will be grilled and then added, as well as some herbs.

Tek Krueng
One of the most underrated Khmer main courses. Pea eggplants will be fried with garlic and shallots. Then cooked fish and chilli is added. Finally its pounded in a mortar to create a paste. Served with fresh and steamed vegetables.

The experience

Ms. Sokvy’s husband Mr. Chantry will teach you how to throw a Cambodian fishing net. It is used by most locals to get fish from nearby ponds, buts also from the Tonlesap lake. Furthermore you will learn about the vegetables in the garden (and depending on the season try some). Mr. Chantry will also take you through the neighborhood to visit more vegetable gardens (and maybe the water buffaloes, if they are home).


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