Mr. Sokha – Soup, ribs and a village tour in Battambang

Destination : Battambang,

About the host

Mr Sokha is a tour guide in Battambang who knows the city well.  He and his wife, as well as the children, live together not too far from the city center in a traditional Khmer house, mostly made of wood. The family will invite you to learn how to cook in a local setting: the kitchen is usually outside the house, you rinse the vegetables with clean well water, and there is a beautiful garden. Walking around is just like a village tour in Battambang. Note how the gas stove works here. 

The Menu

Cambodian food is inspired, but it’s neighbors and immigrants. So, it is no surprise that some Indian, Chinese and Thai influence can be found in the dishes families prepare.

Tong Yam

It does sound like the Thai soup Tom Yam, and it is actually a Khmer adaption. It can be done with fish or chicken.

Cambodian Spring roll

Spring rolls are brought to Southeast Asia by Chinese business people and immigrants. However, the Khmer version has a very different filling with sweet potatoes and other vegetables.

Fried Rib Pork

Those ribs are separated and fried in a wok pan. They are eaten for breakfast as well as for lunch and dinner, The ribs usually are served with a sauce.


Traditional cake as dessert.

Soft drink/ Beer’s price : 0.75$/can.

The experience

Mr. Sokha is an experienced tour guide, but also qualifies as a skillful houseman. He can explain you all the herbs growing in his small garden as well as the rice fields just next to his house. Enjoy a walk to the neighbor’s garden to see their homegrown vegetables and fruits. You can also opt in for a village tour.


If you are interested, Mr. Sokha will take you to the villages nearby, where you can watch:

  • how rice paper is made in Cambodia
  • how banana cakes are cooked in Battambang
  • the production of local wine
  • rice in a bamboo tube

You will go with his tuktuk, it’s just a few minutes drive. This activity is only available if you book lunchtime and will take an additional 1.5-2 hours.

Village Tour: $15usd per person

Note: YOU ALWAYS PAY TO THE HOST. We are just helping the families to connect with travellers.


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    Adult = $25usd per person
    Child 6-12 = $12usd per person

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