Ms. Dary – Great vegetarian cooking class and 3 handmade gifts

Destination : Siem Reap,

About the host

Ms. Dary is a young mother of two boys, living in Siem Reap with her husband. He is a tour guide, and only a few years before Covid-19 they build their house in the south part of Siem Reap.  Dary worked in a hotel before, where she learned about Khmer noodles and has extensive knowledge about Cambodian food. She is your first host offering – on request – a full vegetarian cooking class in Siem Reap. Sorry, not vegan yet. Next to it are still some traditional wooden houses owned by farmers. Around the house are plenty of opportunities to grow vegetables and collect herbs. In her spare time, she likes to take care of the garden and plans – including strawberries! 

The Menu

Ms. Dary is the first host at Dine With The Locals who can offer the menu for vegetarians as well. Please note that fish sauce is still used in preparing one of the dishes. Chicken and pork can be replaced with tofu and mushrooms.

Vegetarian Cooking class option available

We can replace the meat in this menu with tofu and mushrooms. Khmer tofu is firm and can be used for frying as well as for a replacement of minced pork.


Fried ginger with pork or tofu

A classic in the Cambodian and Asian cuisine: Here we use young ginger, fresh from the market, and pan fried pork or tofu.

Rice noodles with chicken or tofu and peanuts

When Cambodians say they eat noodles, then it is usually this kind of vermicelli: white rice noodles, bought fresh in the morning and eaten either with a soup or cold – like here, when it’s presented with either chicken or tofu.  What makes a big difference are the fresh herbs offered with it.

Vegetable soup with Khmer ivy, pork and dried shrimp (or mushrooms)

Before you cook, Dary will take you outside the house and you can collect some Khmer ivy: it’s a plant growing on walls and fences, and Khmer use it in many kinds of soups. It tastes a little bit like spinach.

The experience

Although the family lives in a more modern house, some herbs grow in the garden and next to it. You will go and collect some Ivy leaves as well as lemons for a refreshing juice. Next, you cut some palm leaves. Our vegetarian cooking class in Siem Reap includes picking some vegetables and leaves around the garden.

The palm leaves are used to learn the traditional way of making gifts and children’s toys, like a bracelet, a ring or glasses. Also, you learn how to fold them into a coaster in the shape of a heart.


Please note in the remarks field if you like to use the vegetarian cooking class option.

Note: YOU ALWAYS PAY TO THE HOST. We are just helping the families to connect with travellers.


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