Ms. Kanika – Regional food of Cambodias north-east

Destination : Steung Treng,

About the host

Kanika grew up in the north-eastern town of Stueng Treng, not far from the border with Laos. She runs a restaurant together with her German husband. While some guests are tourists, she mostly serves locals with her food from the north-east of Cambodia. As our guest you will be able to enter the kitchen. The market is just a few hundred meters away, and she buys the ingredients every day fresh from there.

The Menu

Samlor Kor Ko

One of the most underrated but delicious meals in Cambodian cuisine. First palmsugar is melted in a pan, then meat is added and once browned water and vegetables are added. The special ingredient is roasted rice powder.

Laab Saik Ko

This is a Khmer version of the famous Lao salad. It is made from minced beef and is mixed with roasted powder and lemon juice. What makes it so special is the use of galangal and lemon gras.


Plea trey

Fish cooked with different fresh herbs from the garden, like mint and lemon gras. As common in in the north-east chilli is used as well, but you can ask to not make it too spicy.

The experience

Kanika will give you a shopping list and take you to the local market just around the corner. We create this more like a treasure hunt, where you have to find and buy certain items like roasted rice powder (ang kor ling). Our host will be with you and help if needed. After your shopping experience you gather in the kitchen Kanika explains you how to cook and you will giver her a hand. Enjoy working in a local environment and learn how food is prepared in Cambodia. After cooking you and the host will have the meal together. There is plenty of time for a chat.


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