Ms. Laum – The most authentic Khmer food

Destination : Siem Reap,

About the host

Ms. Laum lives in the heart of Siem Reap and is a single mother. She is 54 years old and has to raise her only son since her husband left her when the boy was young. Since then, she works hard to make a living. She learned cooking by watching the preparations for weddings when she was a child and has since then developed a passion for cooking.

Originally from Beng Mealea, she moved to Siem Reap 30 years ago. For the first 10 years she lived in a small room on the Old Market until she found her present home. Her 19-year-old son still lives with her, both share the house, which consists of only one room and a bathroom. Every morning she rides her bike to the main street near Pub Street and bakes fresh Cambodian waffles. She bakes up to 6 liters of dough every day and thus secures a small income with her litte cart. Her son now earns a little money, but it’s still hard  to survive. 

The Menu

Samlor Tong Yam
The Cambodian version of the famous Thai soup is less spicy. It is made from lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce and chili, but each adds its own spice mixture. Ms. Laum has her own secret recipe. All ingredients are first seared, then quenched with water.

Fish Amok
One of the most famous dishes. Ms. Laum makes it the way it is cooked in families, with the leaves of the Noni tree and fresh fish from the Tonle Sap Lake.

Sngnor Tohu
A clear soup with vegetables and herbs and tofu cubes, all fresh from the market. The tofu in Cambodia is particularly firm and has a pleasant taste. Soups are particularly popular in Cambodian cuisine and are also a supplier of liquid and minerals.

Num Phoum

Khmer waffles with coconuts and rice flour. Home made as she is selling them in the morning.


The experience

Ms. Laum will welcome you in her little cottage and you will soon start helping her cook. One of our employees helps with translations. You will cook three delicious Cambodian dishes, which are rare in a restaurant. Then you eat together. You are also allowed to make your own dessert: Ms Laum shows you how to make the famous Num Poum, and of course eat it. And finally, she will also show you how to make a small gift of palm leaves.

Note: YOU ALWAYS PAY TO THE HOST. We are just helping the families to connect with travellers.

NOTE: Ms. Laum can only be booked from 4pm onwards


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