Vannarith – A meal in the Angkor forest

Destination : Siem Reap,

About the host

Ms. Vannarith and her family live in a small Khmer house, surrounded by trees in Siem Reap. It is part of the Angkor forest and on the way to the famous temples (NO ANGKOR TICKET NEEDED). The family also has a small chicken farm in the back yard as well as a beautiful garden. While the husband is working as a tuk tuk driver (who also can pick you up at your hotel), Vannarith takes care of the house, her two daughters and the food. She is an excellent cook with passion and lots of knowledge about local herbs and spices. Here you can enjoy to eat with locals and chat about her life. And she makes the best fishballs in town. 

As in many Khmer homes, they have dogs and cats on the premise, but they are friendly and used to visitors. Enjoy playing with them!


The Menu

The experience

Just going to the place is an experience by itself, because its a bit hidden (but no worries, we help you with that). The wooden house in the forest, and in the back they have a small and cute chicken farm (not the industry style, more like VIP cabins). There is actually a good reason why every rooster lives with five hens in their own small house. Ask the family why they keep them this way. Explore the vast garden and the many plants, and learn what plants and leaves from the bushes and trees are used in your food.

Note: YOU ALWAYS PAY TO THE HOST. We are just helping the families to connect with travellers.

Price: $25/1 px, $22/pax if 2 or more, $10/px kids 6- 12 years

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