Vietnamese food with a family in the heart of Saigon

Destination : Ho Chi Minh City,

About the host

Nguyen Duy Tuan was a tour guide for the German companies Studiosus and Hapag Lloyd, so he speaks not only fluent English, but also German. Members of his family also speak french. The live in the heart of Saigon, not far from the Ben Than market. The house is in one of the small side alleys you usually oversee when passing by. 

The Menu

Fish sauce chicken wings

A different way of making chicken wings. They are marinated in soy sauce and taste much more juicy then traditional wings.


Zucchini or broccoli flowers with garlic

Depending in the season you will get a mix of steamed vegetables with garlic. It is common to add fishsauce to the dish later, and Vietnamese fishsauce is considered to be the best in the world.

Chive soup with tofu

A simple yet healthy and delicious dish. The tofu is a soft version and not fried like in many other dishes. The family gets the tofu fresh form the nearby market.


The experience

You have a professional tour guide with Duy Than, so ask him anything about the Vietnamese history. His wife may also show you how to wear the  áo dài a traditional Vietnamese dress. Learn about the differences on language between the south and the north of Vietnam.

Price: $25/px adults, $10/px kids up to 10 years