It’s about the experiences

Date : Nov - 01 - 2019

We live in the age of bucket lists and Instagram-enabled places. When traveling, a moment lasts as long as the upload to the social network. Even in remote areas we have a high speed internet connection. Our digital experiences don’t last long.

And yet we are looking for deceleration. The difference between the tourist and the traveler is that the latter takes time. Travelers want to get to know people, discover places, look for the new and the unusual. Travelers want to make experiences that are authentic. Travelers want to connect with people, build relationships, socialize. Travelers bring not only pictures home, but new friendships and memories.

Cooking at a organic farm in Battambang

Cooking at a organic farm in Battambang is an unforgettable experience.

You cant’t forget experiences

Whenever we travel, it is the people we remember. The tour guide in Buthan, who took us home. The hotel owner in Kathmandu, who made a career as an environmentalist. The DJ in Japan who rarely saw Tokyo in their club. The student in Vietnam, who liked to wear colorful clothes.

We want to connect people in Cambodia with travelers. When you come to our hosts, do not book lunch or dinner. They book an extraordinary experience that is hidden from the tourist. We give you time and space to talk to our host families, cook and eat together.

A common meal is the first way to connect people in all cultures of the world. Essen connects and is at the same time a starting point for an exchange of cultures. In Cambodia we had guests from India, from Taiwan, from America and from Germany and many other countries. Many guests exchanged their Facebook addresses with the families, some went out together after dinner or enjoyed the view of the rooftops of Phnom Penh.

Guests enjoying the view in Phnom Penh

Guests enjoying the view in Phnom Penh

We create something special

If you come to Cambodia or Vietnam, we offer you a truly authentic experience. Each of our hosts not only cooks delicious local food with you, but also introduces you to the culture and way of life. We have former apsara dancers, organic farmers, silk producers and modern artists. Our hosts are carefully selected so we can offer you an exclusive experience.